3 Basic Facts


Fact #1

The golf swing is a rotary movement pattern.

Stand up and take your golf club. Stay upright and swing your club to the right and then to the left (or to the left and then the right for left-handers).
That movement is rotary. Plain and simple. You might even feel a slight weight transfer from your lead (front) foot to the trail (back) foot.
Golf is easy - isn't?

Fact #2

The golf swing is still a rotary movement when you bend forward at the hips

Video replays of pros golf swings can play tricks on our eyes. We suddenly see a move pattern that goes up and down. It doesn't. Go back to standing and swing left to right. Slowly bend forward, while swinging.

Fact #3

The KEY move in golf - and usually where problems start.

You bend at the hips and the abdominal muscles relax. Your lower back might even get rounded. These two things have an instantaneous impact on your golf swing and will force you to start compensating from the moment you bring the club back.


The key move in your golf swing happens before you even start bringing the club back. Properly engaging core muscles - and keeping them engaged - when you bend at the hips is the basis for any efficient golf swing.