The journey to healthier golf

I have personally experienced the frustrations that come with injuries, which rob you of the enjoyment of golf. And like many of the golfers I have worked with since launching GOLF-FIT in 2010, I also came very close to quitting the game.

Somehow, I figured out that faulty swing mechanics were not solely to blame, and that fitness - or a lack of golf-specific conditioning - was involved. This led me to learning about the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and meeting Dr. Greg Rose, one of the co-founders, at a Level 1 certification session in Toronto. I was so impressed with the research and findings that Dr. Rose shared with all participants, that I immediately pursued Level 2 and 3 certifications in the US during the same year.



The bottom line is that golf should not hurt. Period. That dull lower back pain that typically shows up around the 12th or 13th hole, or that cranky knee that flares up on the Monday after, should not just be viewed at the inconvenient signs of tissue inflammation, or aging. The pain you are feeling on the golf course - or driving range - could also be suggesting more serious health concerns in the future, which would not only force you to stop playing golf, but also make day-to-day activities quite difficult.

There can be many contributing factors to pain when playing golf, such as aging, faulty swing mechanics, the wrong golf clubs, compensatory movements brought on by restricted joint (hip) mobility or lacking (core) stability; among many others... Addressing pain should and always include a consultation with a qualified medical professional. It should also involve golf-specific fitness and functional movement assessments, swing mechanics analysis, equipment review with a qualified club fitter, etc.

Yes, healthier golf is not achieved in one stop, and probably better described as a journey that will require some personal commitment. However, healthier golf can also lead to a better quality of life overall, which you will be able to maintain in your later years.

And that is really what GOLF-FIT is all about, accompanying golfers on that journey.  


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